"a fantastic job turning my scribbles into a gorgeous map. He faced several challenges. With such mountainous terrain, the detail of the Stretcher villages and monasteries and the rivers could have been so easily been lost. The area in the centre of the Stretches is particularly congested with detail (it has to be to fit the story). Rob was able to overcome all obstacles without in any way sacrificing my vision. Thanks Rob!"

- Noel Coughlan


"I knew the general look and feel I wanted for my map for Fairies and Fireflies, but other than a few details I couldn't tell you where anything was in relationship to anything else. Rob took my meanderings, and managed to give The Wide, Wild Field a tangible existence and exactly the look that I wanted. It wasn't just the positioning, it was the charming little touches that he added  - a frog in the swamp, a bat and wagon under a tree in a house's back yard - that really made my map come alive. I couldn't be more pleased with it.  I would unhesitatingly recommend Rob to anyone who needs a map, whether realistically drawn or in my case more whimsical."

- Rebecca Price


"I'm really pleased with what you've done, your talent is incredible."

- Jenny McClure


"It was really awesome watching the progress on the map as it went along, and I hope if we need more maps in the future (I'm sure we will) that you'd be willing to work with us. This one turned out even better than I could have expected...Thanks again for all your hard work!"

- Matt Davis


"I highly recommend Cartocopia. We had a vision and Rob brought that vision to life. His ability to listen, attention to detail, and creative talent, surpassed our expectations....It is an understatement to say that he exceeded our expectations."

- Tammie Stevens


"I’m really pleased with the final result. You do really excellent work....I’d definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a digital cartographer"

- Kevin Gande